How To Write A comparative Essay

Essays are straightforward to begin and in point of fact easy to finish. On the other hand, when you are required by your tutor to write a particular kind of essay it normally becomes a bit more tricky. The diverse types of essays all use fundamental guidelines that are required to be observed so that they can be written well. The reader is not supposed  to guess about the sort of essay or topic. Below are the common steps in how to write a comparative essay.


              First of all a comparative essay is aimed at  comparing two dissimilar items.  This comparison can be achieved in via one of two ways. One is to formulate the case for one item over another. In deed this is helpful when talking about two products of the same kind .

The second method  that you can use to write a comparative essay is to basically compare the two ideas without a predisposition toward any one of. These kinds of comparative essays would be made use of when you need to exhibit two ideas about a specific happening so that the reader can then formulate a conclusion about the two.

    There are essentially three dissimilar ways that can be utilized to draft a comparative essay, however prior to discussing those, the essay must be established. The you(writer) must have knowledge on the topic you are writing about prior to starting. Sufficient research must be done so that you fully know the subject matter well, and can without difficulty compare the two items.

The reader must be informed on what the two items are and then particularly what you are analyzing concerning those items in the introduction. The last part of the opening paragraph is expected to give the reader an idea about what inclination you have chosen. It is a asserting statement that is base of the entire essay. Lastly, have a set scheme for the essay. There are a  methods  that you can establish this.

    You may need the reader to recognize the express comparison point by point.

You should have one sentence about one item(mangoes),    then afterward a sentence regarding a similar aspect about the other     item(pineapples).

To achieve this write each paragraph to talk about one aspect of the two views. A different way is to use one paragraph to comprehensively discourse a particular part of one view and then the other paragraph to completely scrutinize that element of the contrasting view and so on through the essay.

  • First paragraph mangoes.

  • Second paragraph about the similar qualities of pineapples.

  • Replicate this model until the conclusion paragraph.


 The final way that this kind of essay can be formatted is to use a sequence of paragraphs to completely talk about one view and then use the subsequent sequence of paragraphs to fully discuss the contrasting view.

  1. Introduction.

  3. Body

  5. Two paragraphs discoursing the advantages of mangoes.

  7. Two paragraphs challenging those about pineapple.

  9. Conclusion.


Conclusion is needed in last stage.  This brings the essay together. You have exhaustively talked about both the views and given points why you would opt for one over the other. The reader now expects you to restate the most important points of the essay, and then ensure that they understand what your conclusion was.

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